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Post-LASIK Dry Eye – Common and Treatable. If you have developed dry eye after undergoing LASIK, you are not alone. Dry eye can occur after LASIK. However, if detected before LASIK and fully treated, it is very uncommon to develop following the LASIK procedure. A person with dry eyes has an increased risk for significant post-Lasik discomfort and a possible worsening of dry eye symptoms. Having dry eyes can also delay proper healing. This is not to say that a person with dry eyes cannot have Lasik. Your eye doctor will examine you to determine the severity of your dry eye condition. Dry eyes can range from mild to moderate to severe. For those patients with severe dry eyes, the condition can be extremely debilitating. Dry eyes can occur naturally or as a result of LASIK eye surgery. Dry eyes may be a temporary side effect after a patient undergoes laser surgery. How lasik dry eyes permanent works. Laser surgery, lasik dry eyes permanent, is practically bloodless the laser burns the surface of the vessels and does not leave scars or scars behind it. The healing of wounds after it occurs due to the regeneration of the normal structure of the skin. One potential side effect of LASIK is dry eye. Looking at LASIK Risks and Benefits: Dry Eye Posted May 23, 2016. LASIK, Understanding LASIK Risks. When researching if LASIK eye surgery is right for you, it’s important to understand not only the procedure’s benefits but also its potential risks.

If you suffer from keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye syndrome, topical cyclosporine prescription eye drops can offer additional relief. Even blinking more frequently while at the computer can help with dry eyes in the weeks following a LASIK procedure. Some people have dry eyes before they have LASIK. I got Lasik July of 2014. I had nearsightedness and it was best after the Lasik. However then, I’ve had problems ever since. My eyes are unbelivably dry and I was on Rx eye drops which I never observed them enhancing my dry eye except right when I put the drops in,. At LASIK MD, we offer enhancement plans in the unlikely event that you need one. Does getting LASIK now mean I can’t treat reading vision loss in the future? Although LASIK permanently corrects your current eye condition, it unfortunately cannot guard against potential age-related eye conditions, such as presbyopia or cataracts more on those.

Don’t Let Dry Eyes Prevent You From Considering LASIK. There are approximately 100 million people who suffer from dry eyes and if you’re one of them, then. Medical studies have shown that these nerves never return to normal densities and patterns. Symptoms of dry eye include pain, burning, foreign body sensation, scratchiness, soreness and eyelid sticking to the eyeball. The FDA website warns that LASIK-induced dry eye may be permanent.

Is it true that the longer I’ve had post-LASIK dry eyes for, the more likely it is to be permanent? This is because I was told that the healing time after LASIK is 3-6 months, but it is now more than 1 year since I had my procedure, and I still have dry eyes.

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